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Saturday, October 26, 2013 (Note: ALL fragrance shops open at 10 a.m.)


9:00-ish Meet at King Cafe in the mall at 900 N. Michigan Ave. (King Cafe opens at 8 a.m.)


10:00 Barneys


11:30-ish From Barneys, splinter off however you prefer. Nearby options available to you include HermesChanel, PradaBloomingdale’sL’Occitane (see map). [NOTE: Hermes is looking forward to our visit, but we need to break our number of 22 into groups of approximately 8 each so they can accommodate us in the space available. Likewise, Chanel may restrict how many are allowed in at one time.]


12:30-1:00-ish Meet at Water Tower Place food court for lunch. You may wish to buy some take-away food for later when we flop at Palmer House and share samples.


You can kill time at Sephora (also within Water Tower Place) before or after lunch, if you like. 

Following lunch, we’ll walk south to Neiman Marcus  for a drop-in visit.


3:30-4:00-ish Nordstrom


5:30-ish Merz (open 10 a.m.-8 p.m.)

After visiting Merz, you are invited up to my hotel room at the Palmer House to partake of the cornucopia of samples and decants some of us want to pass on to new noses.

* * *

SUNDAY MORNING (breakfast near Palmer House)

Beef ’n Brandy restaurant.


Click here to see actual map.


  • Print-out of custom Google map and schedule above
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Short-sleeve top for lots of skin exposure
  • Change for bus or subway (probably $2.25 per trip)
  • Empty vials for making samples
  • Samples, decants, bottles of anything you want to give away or swap
  • Moistened towelettes
  • Umbrella 



LOCALS: Annweir, Cannes & Sis, Furriner, Schilling, RynegneDullah, Chicagoista, Rin_nd, Tavogelsp

TRAVELING: ComDiva, Elizrj & Jodi, Kiliwia & daughter, Ubuandibeme, Matildaben & Mr. Matildaben,  Quarry, RHM & rtamara, AdamOhio.


From previous meet-ups, I can tell you that half of the fun will be experienced away from the shops, and congregating on Saturday night.


New Orleans 2011 above. Boston 2010 below.

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