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Recently I have sampled Sahara Noir a lot. I have worn it about 10 times in the last couple of weeks. It's longevity seems moderate to me even though others have reported superb longevity. It seemed similar to Interlude man to me so yesterday I did a side by side test; one on my left arm and one on my right. What follows are my conclusions based on this one day test of both. This is a brief review from a fragaholic that admittedly lacks some of the verbage to describe scents with the details of many members on this site.

Both fragrances start with a blast of incense. Interlude has an initial presence of some citric notes that burns off within minutes. Sahara Noir does not. After a few minutes both smell very similar; incense heavy. For the first hour or so I really could not tell any difference whatsoever! So close to identical to my nose that the scents are interchangable in my mind.

During the late middle phase both bring on a nice amber. Sahara Noir transitioned after a couple of hours whereas Interlude kept the heavy incense note longer before transition. For lack of a better word the amber in Interlude seemed to be a bit sweeter or a "higher" note than Sahara Noir.

After about 5 hours Sahara Noir seemed to be very close to a skin scent for me. The Interlude had more longevity by several hours. During the very final stages Sahara Noir's amber phase seemed just a little bit sour compared to the Interlude, even with just the tiniest hint of vanilla. Sour not in a bad way at all. Very delicious but compared to Interlude just a hint of sour.

I really find these two scents to be largely interchangable. Honestly, I love them both and find both to be full bottle worthy. Interlude lasts longer and seems to have just a bit more complexity by just a hair and longevity is better. Both are wonderful incense centric fragrances.

Since I have Interlude man I see no reason to buy Sahara Noir. Both are pricey. Sahara Noir is only availabe as a 50ml bottle. Double the price to get 100ml and you can have the Amouage in 100ml. Make your choice. A big bottle of Interlude or a small bottle of Sahara Noir. They both inhabit the same fragrance space.