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Hello my dear friends.

Im from a country where the word niche is not thrown around a lot,

mostly because out of the fraction of the population that use fragrances,

most of them are into designer brands such as Azzaro, Paco Rabanne etc

Niche perfumes were too high in monetary value to tell my relative from overseas

to bring me for blind buying purposes and out of all the advice you guys gave me,

Sampling was what I went forward with.


How does one go about getting splits, when no one even has heard the word "Tom

Ford", or "Frapin" etc in their country ?

I searched high and low and came across someone after months of searching,

pretty shrewd in talking, to the point, as many would say not a friendly person.

But he had a large collection and he kept blind buying on the basis of reviews from

overseas, he asked me once casually whether I want to try certain scents as he

was blind buying a huge lot, and I agreed thinking he was offering them for free and

would only probably ask for shipping, but I was wrong, but obviously he wanted money

for them, and why not ?

Its a fair thing.

We decided upon a price 4$/2 ml vials and I gave him my order.

After one week of abrupt replies and him changing my order 3 times as per his fancy,

he told me they are ready and asked me to transfer the money.

He then proceeded to ask me when I was returning the empty vials back !

Yes, he expected me to return them back !

I put my foot down and told him that's not possible, because his cost includes the cost

of vials and I don't want to be forced to finish something in a limited time frame.

Meanwhile he also told me he had a gucci envy for men available and I was obviously

game for it.

He also offered me to sell his Aventus Z01 batch 65ml for 90$ and as my brother

wanted it, I agreed for it.

He told me he wont charge a profit on shipping, but later on when I received the

package, I saw he had inflated the cost of shiipping as well.

By now you'll are thinking what am I rambling about ?

Just an arrogant seller ?

Fast Forward to me opening the parcel.

The 2ml vials dont seem to be 2ml.

The bigger ones are supposed to be 4ml, but they seem less than 4ml ( Vetiver tonka, Ambre Narguille,CDG man 2, New haarlem, musc ravageur )

So, I take out my chanel allure homme sport carded vial and the thing is, only the card has the volume written "1.5ml", the vial doesnt have it written anywhere.

So he gave me 1.5ml vials instead of 2ml.

Also I wanted to know, when you receive a sampler vial from a department store or

boutique, is ist 100% full or about 80-90% full ?

Ive never in my life received a split/decant before so I maybe wrong, I need your help

in telling me whether his vials are indeed 2ml and 4ml .

Also ive never sniffed the gucci envy before, but what i get is a pretty sour opening

leading into some ginger and lemon. I cant decide whether the juice is supposed to

be like that or it has turned.

And I dont know about the others saying the Z01 batch is a pineapple batch.
I get a very subtle fruity note followed mostly by a woody note, it has a very

masculine touch to it, a note I cannot define.

The woods are predominant on my skin.

Its not a juicy sweet pineapple as most have described,

Its a pineapple thats been roasted on a wet log which was set ablaze.

I dont know why but as soon as I lay my nose on my skin I'm immediately

reminded of aramis pour homme and polo green but I cant pinpoint what it is exactly,

Anybody have simillar opinions ?

Dont get me wrong, im not one to discuss batch variations, just trying to find out

whether the juice isnt tampered with and is legit as the seller did nothing to make

my doubts go away, on top of that the creed box was damaged and the black leather

coating around the box had come off,

Anyway to put it back on and not damaging its appeal ?

The vials seem inconsistently filled and seem too small for a 2ml vial.

He filled most of them in chanel sampler vials, the ones you get with

a purchase etc.

Also, each of the vials had a bit of the juice leaked around the sprayer and inside

the cap, could this be because the packaged they arrived in was shipped by air ?

Thanks a lot for your time guys and I hope you'll are able to answer my doubts.