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Sandalwood is one of the classic oriental notes. Native to Southern India and now an endangered species due to exploitation and over-harvesting, the sandalwood tree orSantalum Album delivers an essential oil prized for its rich, smooth and balsamic qualities and lends a very distinct creamy-woody character to a fragrance. Now, restrictions and protective measures have virtually taken the fine Indian sandalwood oils (including the fabled Mysore variety) off the market and replaced them with Australian and New Caledonian varieties or purely synthetic accords.

Let's not make this poll a discussion of which fragrance contains the most Mysore oil or comes closest to "original" sandalwood - I'm more interested in finding out which sandalwood-centered fragrance you enjoy the most, no matter the specific provenance or quality of its sandalwood components. Which one of these is simply the most enjoyable sandalwood-centered fragrance?

My own vote goes to Santal Noble, a complex spicy sandalwood with a pronounced coffee note. But which one is your favorite - maybe I didn't even list it?