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Luca Turin, the well known perfume expert, is reviewing again after five years off duty. There is a chance that Aventus will be drafted.

But the world have changed in these five years. Dot-com boom is now a fading shadow and subprime a nightmare we try to forget. Nowadays there is one stock in town, its name is A. Its growth is firm, consistently with its fundamentals, coincide rating makers all over the world. There is no information, they insist, that shows any actual risk of staunching and much more less of a sudden southward pirouette in the stock value. Read my leaps, said a hotheaded analyst, this is not a bubble.

But if, God forbids, Turin, the Warren Buffett of perfumes analysis, downgrade A, we will be in trouble. Regarding the heavy exposure we bear, the idea is chilling. Maybe is time to think in hedging against this knock.

Because of all that, we need to make use of a cutting-edge statistical tool, at hand, this poll, to measure the risk we are facing. Please help us in this project.

This is science, creeds apart please.