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Upon the death of a great uncle I was given a huge splash bottle of GF by my great aunt. Then she was pushing ninety and said the bottle was at least twenty years old. I went directly home to test it out, as the fact that its older than some hills didn't perturb me in the slightest.

IMO, the opening is a bit much and it leaps like a fresh Olympian. I would say this stuff handily beats Opium PH in this fashion, which is a scent I'm sure many here know well enough to relate to. I would say two steps above OPH.

The drydown however is damned nice and bracingly clean. I also don't get any obvious impressions of this scents age and by that I mean it doesn't remind me of my grandfather or something. Perhaps the components of the scent are timeless in that they are still popular, but that's just a guess. Sillage trail remains distinctive for about six hours or so.

So, any of you scent hounds or mature men ever get a hit of this from about this period? At this point if her estimate was close its near thirty...