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Atkinsons has hitherto only been known to me for shaving products (the I Coloniali range) and inexpensive fragrances (Gold Medal, English Lavender). I believe, although originally English, they now have Italian owners.

Anyway, they've jumped on the niche bandwagon, judging by these latest products and prices (Ł95 a bottle of EdT). Despite a degree of scepticism, I do like the sound of the Odd Fellow's Bouquet and The British Bouquet and look forward to testing those or at least hearing about others' experiences.


There are 3 'masculines':

24 Old Bond Street (shown) ~ ”The emblematic fragrance of the house, 24 Old Bond Street is an extremely English cologne of tremendous personality. Its devastatingly aromatic cocktail of juniper, rose and black tea is deepened with a gorgeously eccentric note of smoky, oak casked whisky. Bracingly fresh yet warmly embracing, it is the definitive last word in English elegance.” Available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Cologne and in matching bath, body and home fragrance products.

The British Bouquet ~ “For ladies and dandies, a veritable mist of the Isles inspired by Beau Brummel, intrepid pioneer of the 3-piece suit, and the model of the man who was born with a wise-crack on his lips and an eye for knock-out sartorial elegance. Woven from velvety lavender, myrtle and malt, and lined with gilded citrus top notes of bitter orange and caviar lemon, The British Bouquet is impeccably finished with a leather accord that recalls the champagne-polished Hessian boots of the Dandy himself.” In 100 ml Eau de Toilette. (Beau Brummel eschewed scents, so he'd be spinning in his grave at this one - Ed).

The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet ~ “Lawrence of Arabia ensconced in the splendour and leather Chesterfielded comfort of a St. James gentleman’s club, its weighty silence broken only by the occasional turning of a sheet of a newspaper, and the Oriental fragrance of Ottoman tobacco issuing from the depths of fearsomely upholstered winged armchairs… This rarified ambience is conveyed with almondy heliotrope flowers and dark tobacco, heightened with ginger and fiery peppercorn and, finally, deepened with a rich ambery accord of benzoin and labdanum. A fragrance of immense leisure.” In 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Some of that hyperbole is worthy of Erwin himself - caviar lemon indeed!

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Also now on Harrods website.