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I was interested in Oh, ooOoh...oh (mist, wood, wind and guitar) from Miller et Bertaux and went to their website to check out the rest of the line this morning. As soon as i saw the packaging and presentations, i couldn’t help but think: “the overall impression look awfully similar to other indie brand - Slumberhouse.” Not only the shape of those bottles are alike, (it could be pure coincidence as those off-the-shelf products can be found at a supplier store.) What i am trying to figure out is that marble thingy resemblance inside the bottle.



Consider Miller et Bertaux introduced their scents in this presentation since the 90’s and become a sort of signature of the brand. In my very humble opinion; Slumberhouse should drop the marble and let it fades out from the brand image. I mean, if an amateur like me can spot the resemblance, sure there will be lot more to come in the long run, both from the industry and consumer. Or.. just having another episode of “thinking too much”.dankk2.gif