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Dear Friends,

Ever since I left USA, my perfume collection was stored away in cardboard boxes, in a relatively cool, dry, dark place. THey stayed there for up to 4 years without ever seeing the light of the day.

I thought my collection was safe. I had done everything you guys had told me to do in terms of storage and care. I thought I was safe but I wasn't. Some of my perfumes got a dark color now, and are not fresh anymore. Surprisingly, most of the damage occurred with perfumes from the Hermes line. They do not age well. The Jardin series got completely dark and the smell was burned and distorted. Even Bel Ami and Rocabar turned into dark perfumes. My beloved Jardin sur le Nil is not a fresh green mango anymore.

It was a disaster, I am in agony and I don't know what to do now. I didn't even have the courage to smell many of my bottles because I knew I would get depressed.

TIME MATTERS. I discovered it the hard way.