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Giving this a second full wearing today.

At first smell, it is very reminiscent of Tuscan Leather.

But a few moment later it's own identify emerges in full bloom.

A soft leather sweetened with a dried fruit accord and spiced with saffron.

In. Perfect. Proportion.

Because its dried fruit, it's not a fructose intense like fresh fruits.

And because it's a dried fruit accord, it's not fruity smelling either.

It you've ever had fresh dried fruits then you're aware of now it's fruity and sweet but not intensely fruity and richly sweet like fresh fruit.

A lot of you at this point are probably wondering if it's similar to the Serge Lutens dried fruit accord.

No it's different. Serge's accord is more of a compote. Stewed dried fruits where the fructose is escalated. Over here the fructose is muted.

The saffron accord smells solid. Like a concentrate of saffron.

There's a milk tea we prepare over here that is emphasized with saffron.

Some people add strands of saffron to the boiling tea or while it steeps.

I like to drop a few strands into a 20ml cup of boiling water then let it infuse for a few minutes. You end up with very concentrated saffron water. But because you add it to liters of tea it's not bitter.

The saffron in Noble Leather is like this. Robust and concentrated but perfectly balanced with the dried fruit accord.

Highly reccomdned if Tuscan Leather , Clive Christian C & Cuir Ottoman appeal to you.

Noble Leather ~ “The potent and deep scent of leather fervently states its case and whispers an elegant, raw and carnal sensuality. The ambery wood accord embraces languid vanilla and the earthy scents of patchouli before giving way to intermingling tanned leathers. Enhanced by a dash of bright saffron notes and softened by the candied sweetness of the dried fruit accord, this skin-deep fragrance leaves an unforgettable impression.”