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Ok people, I have been on a journey over the past few months. A journey to find the new holy grail of fragrances that i can wear for any occasion and any time of the year. My signature has been davidoff cool water for over 12 years but I want something new. I have bought a heap of frags over the past 6 months and so far have been dissapointed. I have tried all the big ones like aqua di gio, 1million ect ect. What it boils down to for me now is to find a soapy smell. I don't want prada amber, ck eternity aqua, or thierry mugler cologne. I want something cheapish under $80 That has good longevity and projection that can be worn on any occasion but I am having a hard time finding any good suggestions. I have recently ordered a bottle of bijan nude for men and await it's arrival, I am not expecting much from this because I find the ones people rave about online turn out to be below par. So any suggestions people?