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I just got this for my girlfriend and I can't get over how amazing it smells. I want to get some of this juice for myself but before I do, I was wondering about a few things:

1) Is there a male fragrance that smells similar/identical to this?

2) According to fragrantica, the top 3 notes are Jasmine, Gardenia, and Orange Blossom - are there any male colognes that predominantly feature these three notes?

3) I'm relatively new to fragrances but I kinda want to expand beyond my comfort zone (i.e. woody/oriental/citrus/aquatic) by testing out florals - do you have any suggestions that would help me transition/aren't too radical or difficult to pull off?

If I can't find a suitable substitute to Pure Poison, I'll just buy it, but I really don't want to because A) the bottle looks hideous and B) I don't want my girlfriend to know that I use the same scent as her.

P.S. Just for reference, I find Balenciaga's "Florabotanica" to be really enticing - don't know if I would wear it but the scent itself is beautiful.