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I just had a question for all of you. I am going to a dinner party tonight with some of my oldest and dearest friends, one of whom I haven't seen in a year. I am just looking for some cologne recommendations. I live in a very warm and humid climate, if that makes a difference. I will be out and about this morning and will be looking to purchase something new for the occasion. Here are my ideas, but I am also open to new suggestions. I live in an area where I can easily purchase both designer and niche fragrances. Thanks for your help!

- Aventus

- Bleu de Chanel

- Originial Santal

- Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme

- Bleecker Street

- Brooklyn

- Sel Marin

- Terre d'Hermes

- Versace Pour Homme

- Bulgari Aqua Marine

- La Nuit L'Homme