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Waffles and cough syrup are what I am getting. It's very sweet with a hint of something medicinal in it. The notes listed are :

"Patchouli, labdanum, vanilla"

And you can definitely catch the Vanilla, Patchouli mixture, meaning the other thing I'm smelling is the Labdanum, which after some research seems to fit the recipe quite well (a sticky resin used as a perfume ingredient and an herbal medicine) .

the scent doesn't seem to project very much, my wife can smell it sitting next to me but not from across the table, considering how it smells this may be a good thing.

I normally go for patchouli and vanilla (separately or together) but something about this combo does seem off, it feels like I have a melted vanilla bean candy mixed with hippy sweat in a bag under my shirt so whenever I look down I get a subtle blast of this scent, it is in my unprofessional opinion not a keeper, which is a shame because I was really hoping to like this one.