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No one has really seen my collection aside from me and some other people in the hobby. So, I had no idea what reaction I would get. I thought he would think I'm crazy. But actually he responded positively.

His first reaction to seeing my 20+ bottles and lots of decants was "Oh Sh**! You weren't kidding about having a whole collection". I sprayed some on the card to get his thoughts and he enthusiastically sprayed at least 8 on his skin. He liked most of them, except for the vanilla-tonka ones.

He went nuts over Burberry London (which he called Burberry Heaven because it was so good) and YSL L'Homme both. He also greatly liked Gucci Pour Homme II, Rive Gauche PH and Pure Malt. He said that Aventus was easily the best Creed (but he also was impressed by almost all of them except Original Santal).

I do think if someone is open minded, non-judgmental and an overall cool person (which is probably the majority of people), they'll be pretty supportive of your hobby.