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Yes, I'm a Liz Taylor fan and I'm curious, something that seems to be frowned upon around here, but to the ones unbothered by this, what are your thoughts on Black Pearls? What do you remember from its launch? There isn't much info online but I know at the time she had a huge fight with Elizabeth Arden because they were not going to release Black Pearls on luxury high end stores and where instead going to sell it on Walmart because they had like a strike from the retailers, some sort of conflict. In the end Liz triumphed and Black Pearls was released in the high end retailers but it wasn't succesful, I wonder why? And after releasing two great perfumes and flankers it seems after black pearls things went south for the Elizabeth Taylor brand.

At first I didn't like the scent when I tried it but I like it now, I think as a concept fragrance it was great because it's called Black Pearls and to me it smells exactly like the sea smells like. What do you remember of it?

Here is the commercial in case some may not remember: