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Hey everyone,


After lurking the forum (for way more than it is socially acceptable), I finally decided to be active in this great community.

I'll be travelling for work all week so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try different scents in very contrasted environments (bars, Clubs, Office, Museum, Expocenters, ).


I will keep a day-to-day Journal of my impressions and pseudo-reviews. 

The difference (and strength IMHO) of this method of sampling lies in the fact that I will be dedicating an entire day to one fragrance;

Letting it breath and dry on my skin as I jump from place to place. Now, bear in mind that with every trip of this magnitude, fickle weather (London and Geneva I'm looking at you) and the risky logistics involved I might have to adjust and adapt my schedule.



Here's a list of the Perfumeries I'll be visiting and the fragrances I will sample.





City/Country: Los Angeles, CA. USA

Perfumery: Scentbar or a coworker who has the fragrance (still working on it)

FragranceInterlude Man : Amouage




City/Country: Zurich, Switzerland

Perfumery: Osswald

FragranceSeville à L'Aube : L'Artisan Parfumeur




City/Country: Geneva, Switzerland

Perfumery: Oliver Zertig





City/Country: Paris, France

Perfumery: Sens Unique

FragranceAmber Oud : By Kilian




City/Country: London, UK

Perfumery: Les Senteurs

FragranceVetiver Extraordinaire (Frédéric Malle) (thank you Marais!)




City/Country: Paris, France

Perfumery: My wingman (I see you Pierre)

Fragrance: AVENTUS (yes, I am a creed virgin)

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