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I've only recently been interested in floral scents for summer (They seem to go best with Hawaiian style shirts!) My latest purchase, Passiflora by Nest, was a blind buy and luckily, a hit with me. I was looking for something that wasn't as dense and heavy hitting as Black Orchid. I'm always intrigued by fragrances based on certain plants, so getting a passion flower scent was only natural. It smells nothing like the little Maypop (Passiflora incarnata) flower that grows wild everywhere in my neck of the woods. It does remind me a bit of the fruit itself. The fragrance goes on very sharp and a bit loud. It's very green, fruity, with an aquatic (freshwater) note, but with no insipid melon note as with Fleur de Liane. As it dries, it gets close to the skin and more "round" ....losing the sharpness.

Longevity is mediocre. The bottle label is a work of art, but the roll-on (which I have) is a bit crappy. My applicator leaks like a sieve, so no putting in pockets....or recommend.