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Hey !Just a quick update,Got a good deal for T'erre D'Hermes Parfum : 40 $ for 80% full.Had heard a lot of praise about this one and since where im at, itusually retails for 140$, I pulled the trigger.Loved It, my opinions on It have changed from the first time I sniffedit, maybe I have been sampling a lot of stuff, and it finally dawned uponme that It is indeed a masterpiece.On a side note, a get a slight resemblance to blue de chanel, couldthis be the grapefruit citrus combo ?Two Questions.1. The bottles code is 9JAAR, after reading a couple of posts, this leadsme to believe that it is from the year 2009 ( Please correct me if im wrong.)Funny thing, in the ingredients listed I see "Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss)Extract (Evernia Prunastri)."Wasn't Oakmoss supposedly banned ?Or is the ingredient listed a slightly modified synthetic to give that feel, but isnot oakmoss ?Do current versions have oakmoss listed ?2. This is labeled as a Pure Parfum, now Im not one who has a lot of experiencebut Is'nt pure parfum supposed to be that perfume oil that is generally diluted with alcohol and water ?Im testing this and M7 Fresh side by side, its been 4 hours since initialapplication and from where this is heading, It looks like M7 Fresh is going to winthe longevity race.Speaking purely technically shouldnt the pure parfum last days and days to come ?Same thing happened with me when I was side testing Eau Sauvage parfum with theEDT,The EDT lasted way loner than the parfum.I know my logic is flawed somewhere, just waiting for someone to show me whereexactly.Thanks for your time,Regards.