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I really want to get my hands on some of the harder to find samples that I cannot get decants of nor findreasonablesamples on ebay. I am on a big cedar and incense binge right now so I wanted to get some thoughts on these 7 samples with the Aedes sample program for $20. I know the Amouage attar will be really small samples but i have to try them!

1.Homage Attar
2.Tribute Attar
3.Odin 07 Tanoke
4.Penhaligon Satorial
5.Lubin Idole
6. 34 BLVD Saint Germain
7. Interlude

alternates: Kilian Incense Oud, or Back to Black.

Any thoughts on these or what else to get if they dont have all of the ones i request? i find it really diificult when you have such a nice selection in front of you. I have been trying to swap stiff lately for any of these but finding them hard to come by so I want to just go ahead and get them from Aedes this week.

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