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Hey all, decided to do a quick comparison between the two. Sorry for the shitty pics

Vintage sticker says Warner / Lauren which I think is older than the Cosmair one?

The vintage Polo opens with a smooooooooooooth pine opening and this goes on till mid notes hit. The mid notes to me when I smelled it gave me the color violet with again some pine. The drydown is leather

This one is smooth all the way. Classy.

For the current Polo, I was greeted with brash pine and intense alcohol smell. As the very green opening went away, I started to smell flowers (something white) and a spice I cannot distinguish, which gave me the impression of it being too powdery. The drydown on this alright, leathery too but not as well done as vintage.

I would say this one is a spicy green.

As for the synthetic oakmoss vs Oakmoss, I'm sorry I cannot tell the difference for I know not what oakmoss smells like.

Saw someone mention Yatagan to try out, I will say Yatagan is more herb than anything to me. The pine off this thing really does remind me of the holidays.

I really do prefer the vintage formulation of this cologne. It is much more GREEEEEEN Maybe I'm biased since I believe the older generation had it better when it came to the quality of materials they worked with.

Next up is Christian Dior Fahrenheit (Second formulation? batch code 7080D) vs Current Fahrenheit courtesy of an amazing BN'ER