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Hello fellow Basenote Oversprayers,

I found it was about time we got ourselves a little private club.

Everyone is welcome aboard of coursetekst-toppie.gif

You just have to be a liberal oversprayer to join the club.

Are you THAT GUY, that often feel you overspray jusssst a little bit, but still feel that you have to spray something on in order for you to enjoy and smell what you are wearing ?

If YES!, then you belong to this club. This club is made for YOU !

I have always applied more than the regular dose of sprays, and I have NEVER received one complaint, that is until a couple of days ago where I wore a mix of Chanel Allure Homme (8 sprays to chest and stomach area) and Xerjoff Uden 5 sprays to upper chest and neck area.

I projected for 5-6 hours - strong projection, and I got 12+ hours solid longevity.

My coworker gave me my first ever complaint, that I just stunk from perfume.

I smiled a bit inside, but told her I would go and wash it off.

I lied. Enjoyed the scent all day and all night.

The same day I also received two compliments from two ladies in their 30's, both with their boy friends on their side. They said I smelled freaking fantastic. One asked what I wore - I said a mix of a Chanel and a Xerjoff.

I have never worn a fragrance where I have applied less than 4-5 sprays.

Testing a fragrance sample on my arm is another thing - but in actual wearing of the fragrance I always spray at least 4 times. Even Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Serge Lutens Chergui.

When I tested Nasomatto Duro and Montale Dark Aoud I admit I was a pussy and only applied 3 sprays total - these 2 frags are the strongest frags I have ever tried, and they smell extremely aggressive.

Regular high quality designers like Dior Homme Intense and Midnight In Paris EDP, I spray at least 7-8 sprays.

Mind you, I use my fragrance as a body spray also - so I spray 75% to cheat area and below and 25% to chest and up.

I use about 1 100 ml bottle of juice every 12 bottles a year.

If you can knod your head to what I'm writing and think some of the guys you hear spraying 2-3 sprays of Gucci Pour Homme II and think they project like a beast must be joking, then feel free to join the LOS-P Clubthumbsup.gif