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Just wondering - how do you guys feel about these things? I think they have a definite place and purpose because they often serve as a gateway to get guys interested in smelling good. I know people complain about the "Axe Cloud" etc that often emanates from a group of 14-15 year old boys but I highly prefer that to stank to be honest. I love seeing a young boy standing in front of the Axe display contemplating and pondering, picking up various ones and obviously trying to make a decision - I often will approach him and simply tell him "These are the ones Girls like because I KNOW you are wanting this to get girls. (They usually nod say yeah and agree) - Kilo, Dark Temptation, Excite and Cool Metal are their faves" The boy often then gets one of these and thanks me. I sometimes add that older girls will also like Phoenix and Music. Anyway, I do like them myself to be honest and sometimes use them for a base for other things - For examples Cool Metal goes excellent with Azzaro Chrome and Kilo goes with Joop or Cadillac, Music goes with Dirty English and Excite ramps up 1 Million like a locomotive on steroids. Anyway just wanted to express my own feelings and see what anyone else thinks of them.