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According to a number of fragrance blogs, the next Hermèssence is scheduled for release in September. As the name suggests, Epice Marine will be a marine/aquatic with whiskey and cumin notes, the latter note of course a well-known Jean-Claude Ellena favorite.

According to, Epice Marine "(...) features notes of cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, bergamot, a synthetic molecule which smells of algea and "oceanic water" but not of the sea, a smoky fog accord inspired byBruichladdichwhiskey, oakmoss." The fragrance was reportedly inspired by Ellena's cooperation with Breton chef Olivier Roellinger...

Pictures released would suggest that the cap color for this release will, very appropriately, be marine blue.

For more, see

French Vanity Fair has a long account of the production process (in French, naturellement) at

Flacons de parfum de Jean-Claude Ellena.