Hydroxatone & Juveneu - Stay Well Away From These People!

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    6/24/13 at 3:23pm

    lina said:

    it is totally true, i was triked by Juveneu. i agreed in April to go for the trial of the fece creme and serum for just 1.99 pounds but i was surprised a month later to get a delivery again for the same products. i sent them an email asking them kindely to stop sending me these creme because they are not doing any good to my skin and also because i dont want to be charged 1.99 pound each month. (i have to say that at that time i didnt know that they charged me 89.00 pound for each one of the two products.) after that i received an email saying that i was unsuscribed from their web and that no more orders will be placed for me in the future.

    today again, i was choqued to receive an other email saying that my order is on its way, so i decided to give them a phone call. i spoke to a very rood persone who explained to me that when i sent them the first email it was to cancel just one of the two product and its too late because the decond one is on its way any way.

    i learnt how much they are charging me and i felt furious for that especialy when this person just hanged up the phone when i was still talking.

    this is rediculous and i cant believe that such bad people have the force to close their eyes and sleep at night. it is a shame realy to trik people like that and hide behing TERMS AND CONDITIONS. people out there, please be aware of juveneu...........

    JUVENEU, SHAME ON YOU...............................thumbdown.gifangry.gif

    6/24/13 at 3:48pm

    lina said:

    i contacted the washdog programme on BBC about Juveneu and i just hope that they will investigate this case and give us justis. im sure that if they do, they will discover hundreds id not thousands of other people just like us who were unfortunatly triked by these horible people.