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Worst: Someone told me a smell like a urinal cake ----> Pinaud Lilac Vegetal

Funniest: A close friend of mine told me that my cologne was hurting his eyes and making them water from the vanilla. He compared it to crushing up saltine crackers and soaking them in lemon juice, and then stuffing them under his eyelids .

----------------> TF Tobacco Vanille

I've also had adverse reactions to very light amounts of what we BN's may call "light, non invasive colognes". I've had people complain of them smelling MI on me, but in reality I own some decants I would never wear to work such as POAL, musc ravageur, black aoud, etc, etc. People really have no idea of the strength of some perfumes, and I find it funny when they complain about them and I can think to myself, "Hmm, maybe a spray of a certain female frag on their desk in a couple weeks will teach them a lesson in sillage." In general, I've never had anyone straight up bring something to HR or complain , but I have had people ask, "what's that smell, it's soo strong! Ugh!" when I'm chilling in a corner of a room with no air flow (so obviously it will be smelled easily) for colognes like MI or even weaker. I feel like sometimes I need to deliver justice to desensitize everyone and give them a better perspective of what strength and overpowering *really* smells like.

That sounds cruel, but in all honesty I feel like that's the right thing to do when someone is being a huge baby or claiming they are super allergic to X or Y. I've never had to do it, and probably never will, but I wish people were more accepting of trying something new.

So anyway... Tell me your stories!