vintage 32 0z polo on ebay!

    Notice about Huddler changeover here376628

    7/11/13 at 8:31am

    darren1 said:

    heres a huge bottle of vintage polo... good luck! i cant afford it now but i hope someone here can swing it

    7/11/13 at 8:33am

    darren1 said:

    im the highest bidder right now but im sure it will go out of my range quickly..

    7/14/13 at 9:41pm

    Scent-e-mental said:

    So how did you go?
    t sold for very reasonable price,

    7/15/13 at 8:51am

    darren1 said:

    i didnt win, i was outbid by $2.50 or so.

    7/15/13 at 9:02am

    Tony T said:

    wow. not a bad price