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My mother just gave my wife and I 1000 dollars for our anniversary; amazingly sweet. My wife and I decided that we are going to use 100 of it for dinner (on top of what we were going to spend), and then split it and each by something we would normally not buy.

So, this means I have $450 to buy a bottle of perfume. While I certainly do not need to spend it all on one bottle, the intent is for us to use it in a way we normally would not. I would have a hard time imagining myself spending that much money on one bottle if it was a "normal" part of cash flow, so I really want to push myself to be a bit extravagant.

So, what are you ideas? I understand that the idea of a blind by would be nuts; I plan on getting a few samples and then deciding. I also get that it is hard to make a reccomendation with so little information, but let the free associations begin!