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If you have, what was your experience> Good? Bad?

Was your package held up at customs?

Were you billed customs and import fees before delivery & receiving your package? (Was reading the fine print on the site and along with the no returns policy for outside EU countries, (USA), import fees & duties may apply. Geez. Pkg may be held up longer by customs with original $25 express (24-48 hr) shipping/tracking fee from point of origin))

I'm suppose to know if perfume is allowed to be delivered from outside the country. In this case, directly from Italy.

I guess if it is considered 'importing' (direct web sale), I will need to pay an additional 'import fee'. If verboten here, lose the entire shipment and all my money? Geez.

So, who in the U.S. has had experience with buying direct from (Italy)?

I'd appreciate your experience with this!

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