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And it is: 100ml of Amouage Jubilation XXV.

I've been tempted by it for a long time, but held off again and again because of the high price (never mind that I've meantime spent much more than that, in sum, on other fragrances). After getting through a few official samples, I was pretty well convinced. I'm particularly impressed by how this one manages to smell both regal/expensive/opulent but at the same time suave and easy-going enough to wear whenever (I've worn it to work with no trouble). It's both exotic and somehow has a classic masculine vibe.

I also learned that this one easily produces olfactory fatigue, meaning I suspect one spray to the chest is going to be enough most days. That led me to think I should only get the 50ml, but when it came down to it, only $50 more for twice as much of what has become one of my favorite fragrances had me springing for the full size. I intend to keep this one in rotation for a long time.

Took a long time to convince myself I could spend this much on a fragrance, but I think this one will be worth it.