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Hello everyone. I have been away from the fragrance scene for a few years now and feel out of touch with things. I will be getting married this weekend, and my fiancee and I will be heading to Barney's in Chicago to pick fragrances for our wedding in October. Right now I went from a collection of several hundred fragrances to regularly wearing a few.

Right now I am a huge fan of Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire, Bigarrade Concentree, and Musc Ravageur. I also wear Creed SMW, Himalaya and Original Vetiver. I also will frequently wear L'Artisan Passage D'Enfer, Dzing!, and Mechant Loup. I also will regularly wear Piper Nigrum by Villoresi, Bvlgari Black, and A*Men (seasonally of course).

As you can see, my rotation is fairly dated. With being out of touch with fragrance for this long, anyone have suggestions for what I should be trying? I am open to anything but would like to know what's happened in the last few years that I need to hop on board with. I appreciate your input.