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Hello all ,


Bought it from a local store here for 83 $ . I suppose testers cannot be faked, and regardless, i did check the carved numbers on both the bottle and the white tester box and they are the same . Bottle cap is magnetic and everything looks absolutely authentic to me .


It only lasts 2 hours on my skin . It projects well for 2 hours and i can smell the middle stages fairly well , but after 2 hours : BOOM ! See ya ! It turns into a a very pale skin scent . 


It's a shame because , overtime, i began to appreciate Bleu de Chanel and i think it's a beautiful scent , especially for the summer .


Story short : i sold my tester to a friend , and now i am thinking of going to the same store again and buying a real sealed bottle



Should i give Bleu another chance ?


Was the tester weak ?


Was it my skin ?


Should i buy a real bottle ?