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I just received and wore my decant of the new bond; I was interested in this one because 1. I like smelling things, 2. I like Aventus, but don't love it and this was supposed to be similar to Aventus so I was interested to see if it was "better" for me at least.

I would also like to add: I know Creed made Aventus first. It is however a very smart business move by a company to take a successful product and make their own version of it. As a consumer I like this because you can potentially get an even better product. Unless you own the Creed company this shouldn't even bother you.

Upon first spray it immediately reminded me of Aventus. Eerily similar. It seemed to have sweeter pineapple at that top and a different kind of smokiness as well. I then sprayed Aventus on one arm and the Bond on the other. Here is where things get weird. The sweetness of the bond overpowers that of the aventus and then all you can smell is the smokiness of the aventus. The Smokiness of the Aventus overpowers that of the bond and when you go to smell the bond all you get is a sweet smell that doesn't even smell pineapply anymore just sweet. Try it out and let me know if the same happens to you.

The bond dries down differently from Aventus in that it is kind of a smooth sweet smell with some smokey undertones.

If i had to pick if one was more synthetic smelling I'd say the bond is and that the Aventus smells more natural.

The projection and longevity are pretty good with the Bond. For me I prefer Aventus. Is the Bond worth takin a sniff, Yea, I think everyone should go get their nose on everything and form their own opinions. I would especially recommend someone to sniff this if they liked the aventus but werent exactly crazy about it. I think that these are similar enough that if you owned either or, it wouldnt make sense picking up the one you didn't have. Of course if money is no object then go right ahead. I will not be buying this, I like Aventus better.

I have smelled the different batches of Aventus and can pick out some differences in between them and I really do think that if people were blind folded and told to smell these back to back they might even say the bond is a batch variation of Aventus. To me, its a bad batch. Aventus is superior and girls, only one set of panties are needed grin.gif
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