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Well, I decided recently to go back to college this January. This is not a decision that I took lightly: future business ambitions plus advice from my friends both played significant roles.

But I don't want to take my whole collection with me to the dorm room. I plan on taking only six bottles from my existing collection and keeping the rest at home, which is where I will be on the weekends. (This means no Aventus, pals... that $200-400 would be better spent on things like a laptop, bed sheets, alarm clock, and desk chair.)

So I have put up a poll, where you can vote for your favorites from my collection. But keep in mind that these will be worn in a classroom setting (which means keep it easy when wearing A*Men), most of the academic year will be either cool or cold, and that a lot of young students attend this campus. So I've already eliminated a few options. And yes, you can vote for multiple options if you like.

As they say in Chicago: "Vote early and vote often."