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This is probably only the USA standard however... But it might transfer with other spec names to other countries...

Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA) usage chart

commonly used SDA ethyl alcohols
Per 100 gallons of pure alcohol add:
SDA 1-1 4 gal. methanol + 1/8 oz. Bitrex
SDA 1-2 4 gal. methanol + 1 gal. MIBK
SDA 2B-2 gal. rubber hydrocarbon (i.e. heptane or hexane)
SDA 2B-3 gal. toluene
SDA 3A 5 gal. methanol
SDA 3C 5 gal. isopropanol
SDA 23A 8 gal. acetone, NF
SDA 23H 8 gal. acetone, NF + 1.5 gal. MIBK
SDA 29-3 1 gal. ethyl acetate (or other – must be reacted)
SDA 30 10 gal. methanol
SDA 35A 4.25 gal. ethyl acetate
SDA 39C 1 gal. diethyl phthalate
SDA 40B 1/8 gal. t-butyl alcohol + 1/16 oz. Bitrex