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I apologize for the length of this in advance.

I used to be a regular on here and was even a moderator. Then I hit an unfortunate streak of major household expenditures, fragrance burnout, and a student that I was extremely close and tutored for 6 years after leaving my class dying from MRSA. It led to me pretty much abandoning the site and fragrances in general as I was on the verge of coming apart at the seams. It actually reached the point where I wasn't even wearing fragrance anymore. When I started dipping into scents again, I limited it to formal events and dressing up for evenings out.

A few years ago, I took my fiancee (girlfriend at the time) to Barney's for a Valentine gift of going fragrance shopping (she ended up with Malle's Lipstick Rose). I hadn't really brought up how into fragrances I was but it became apparent when I started talking to the different reps and she was curious how I knew as much as I did. So I finally showed her the collection of several hundred bottles/samples/etc and she was interested in it. So she started sharing some of my unisex ones and I didn't think much of it. I had enough laying around that were a bit too feminine for me to pull off on a regular basis and she started taking more of an interest in things and seeing the difference between well crafted scents and the J-Lo scent that she was wearing at the time (trust me it wasn't easy for me to swallow that, but we all have our faults :) )

So today we went back to Barney's to get wedding scents. It's been over 5 years since I purchased a fragrance that I had never tried before and walked in loaded with suggestions the members here made on another thread for what I was looking to try. What occurred though pretty much lit the fire again for how much I love fragrance.

I was expecting to walk in and find one for her and then run over to the Malle counter for myself and we ran into two SAs that were absolutely phenomenal. They stressed that for something like this, it's important to find fragrances that compliment each other instead of clash. We went through questions about what I wear and what she wears. Based on that, they laid out 6 pairings of fragrances that had notes that played off each other. They were nothing that I had tried before and all were very much notes that I do well with. After choosing two to try out with our chemistry. We headed off to lunch, let it dry down in the heat and then headed back. We had different views on which one we liked better. After discussing, she mentioned that she really wanted Secrets de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine. I give Bryce and Adam immense credit for how well they handled this and how well they handled me being a Type A about this stuff and adapting how they presented to me (with experience) and Rebecca (who had little).

The reasoning was that her grandmother wore a horrible perfume that smelled like roses when she was a child. She felt that this was like that fragrance in spirit, but was incredibly well crafted and was drying down into something really wonderful. We then had a half hour conversation about how she gets now how a well made fragrance progresses and how awesome it was to wear this. While the pairing they had for it (Serge Lutens' 5 O'Clock Au Gingembre) wasn't my first choice, I do really like it and it really means more knowing that wearing it helped spur someone else's love of fragrance.

I laughed as I was buying samples off Ebay of some of the ones I was excited to try that I missed out on today. That being said, I both love and fear that this was what I needed to rekindle why I love scent.