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No, I'm not 16. This isn't my first fragrance. And I'm not writing this from 1999.

But I'd never smelled this thing until now. I have no memories associated with it. The reason I'm thinking of buying it is that I want something in my collection that is *intentionally* generic. Light, inoffensive, neutral, not smelling of any particular thing. Something I can grab without thinking, when I don't know what to wear, that's safe and pleasant in any situation, and is competently put together. I've tried a bunch recommended here for this purpose: Issey, Voyage (have it and like it), CK One, L'homme, Mugler, etc. And to me, AdG feels closest to my criteria.

But I'm a bit scared. To use an analogy, is AdG something like a pair of Chuck Taylors: ubiquitous but in a good way, worn and loved by people of all types of fashion and walks of life, and generally not attracting any hatred? Or, is it more something that's ubiquitous in a bad way, associated with particular types of guys or age groups, and potentially attracting negative reactions? (As in, "Sigh, there goes another douche wearing di Gio...").

Interested in what you feel the perception is of this scent from the general population, not from aficionados. Just like wearing a pair of Chucks, I'm not fussed with being like everyone else, I just don't want to do it in bad taste. cool.gif