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Wearing Coco M. EDP from a sample. (*winks at Mimi, PerfumedLady*:) This seems extra sweet smelling to me this time around. I know it's a sweet scent but this time, seemed very sweet! Haven't worn it in a while I guess. Got used to that EDT, which is not as sweet. I do prefer that EDT still.


Mrs. Kalli doesn't know anything about cars, well, it's actually not my fault what happened..these cars in the 21st century are at fault...I put too much oil in the car cause the oil life thingy light, wasn't reset. It said it was at 15%. The car has been acting weird, so I put a couple quarts of oil when it didn't need any. Hubs will be late to work as he's gotta drain some oil. Mr. Kalli wasn't a happy camper, lol, I tried! I better stick with fumes cause apparently I can't even measure a dipstick right, lol:D.