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Do you notice a big difference between smelling a perfume by itself, and smelling it with others?  I have, several times, noticed that a perfume I really enjoyed, I did not enjoy at ALL when I sniffed it with others.  Often, I do this in a testing ... I'll put maybe 4 perfumes on different places on my body, and have a perfume-off for the next several hours, to see which I like best -- basically, head-to-head testing on my own skin.  I've noticed that I don't really like one of my absolutely favorites, D&G The One for Men, when tested against La Nuit.  And it's not a matter of where I put each one, if I'm smelling them both, the D&G smells shrill and objectionable.  To a lesser extent, La Nuit suffers when tested against GPH II.  Meanwhile, I love all these perfumes when I smell them alone... 


Which, of course, makes me think that these head-to-head tests, which I've been doing to see which fragrances I like better, really are throwing off my olfactory system, and I need to just do them one at a time and judge each alone