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Hey Everyone, first post here but i've lurked for a while.

Im looking for a close alternative to bond no 9 i love NY for him. This one is frustratingly familliar and i cant place it. I feel like ive smelled similar top notes on many other people over the years that i wouldnt expect all to have this fragrance.

I like the scent but not enough to spend $100 and it smells familliar enough to me to think there's a very close alternative. I've seen it compared to Bleu de Chanel and Eternity, but my nose doesnt percieve them as very close.

I like the top and mid notes which last several hours on my skin, and i like the scent for days when i just want something that smells good and simple that i dont have to think about. Not looking for a similar vibe, just a very similar scent.

Can anyone throw out some alternatives, or tell me where i've been smelling something similiar over the years (maybe similar notes in body washes. deoderants, aftershaves ect.)?