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Y-3, the ten year strong collab between Yohji Yamamoto's and adidas, has released its first fragrance and its pretty darn good, its not your typical sports fragrance, it's a creamy spicy fragrance not similar to anything I've smelt recently. I may be biased but I'm a huge fan of the brand and have been very excited about the release of this fragrance for quite some time now. It's definately not what It's very easy to wear, i was expecting it to be aquatic or "sporty" or but instead it's a soft, slightly sweet, creamy, spicey, woody frag that stays close the skin. It's an unexpectedly fitting scent for the brand.

I picked it up at the Y3 store in Miami. As of now it's only available at the Y-3 flagship stores across the world. ( I've seen it in Miami,London and Dubai)

I'm actually really interested in what others of thought of this fragrance so please let me know