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Been lurking for a while here. Now I need some help with some things.

I've watched reviews, tried samples, read forum discussions...etc. etc.

I own 3 bottles of fragrance. (all bought this summer)

1. JPG Le Male (love it, so unique)<<< so far anyway

2. Chanel Allure Homme Sport (Love this scent for summer generic wear)

3. Drakkar Noir (takes me back to high school lol)

Here is my problem. I am looking for something more. Niche maybe? Less common?More complex but at the same time wonderful? I have sampled these so far...

Creed: AVENTUS - I want to love it sooo much but there is just a pine tree campfire smell. Less campfire pine tree and more pineapple would be wonderful but all I smell is a fresh sappy pinebranch next to a campfire??? My friend said it smells like 2 dragons having sex and he LOVED it. Am I missing something here?

-MILLISEME IMPERIAL- I do love this scent....but, is it too feminine? I cant really tell. My nose is starting to play tricks on me.

-GREEN IRISH TWEED- Smells too much like COOL WATER to me.

Tom Ford: NEROLI PORTOFINO- Wonderful SOAP smell. I had these "soap crayons" when I was a child and it smells EXACTLY like them. Sooo, not sure if its my scent.

-GREY VETIVER- WOW!!! CINNAMON! Too Strong and too cinnamon (searching for a summer scent right now) in NY

Thierry Mugler: Mugler Cologne- GREAT green grass fresh opening BUT I thought it softened way up to an almost "SOAPY" smell. so, on the fence.

PURE MALT- Love it! Will be in my WINTER collection.

Looking for a great summer cologne for at work (news station so It can be a little risky) and I'm having trouble finding that perfect one. I really really want to smell Aventus like everyone else does but it's just pine tree campfire to me. MI smells great but at times I wonder if it smells like womens perfume (I cant really pull it off with my tattoos).

So far, Chanel AHS has really wowed me as an almost perfect summer scent but is more "common" than i'd like. so NO to Aqua Di Gio even though its the King of summer scents I've smelled IMO.

Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks!