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Just trying to get a general sense of the house (as are probably many of the people here).  Lots of smart people on here who have experienced this house in full, but haven't made a thread about it, so I might as well try.


Rate these from to 1 (worst) to 5 (best).


Also, (OPTIONAL) if you have the time, briefly explain the projection, longevity, gender it's wearable for, a few notes you detect and you're overall opinion.


Parfum De Therese

En Passant

Lipstick Rose

Portrait of a Lady

Bois D' Orage

Lys Mediterranee

Musc Ravageur

Fleur De Cassie

Vetiver Extraordinare

L'Eau De Hiver

Dries Van Noten

Une Rose

Dan Tres Bras

Geranium Pour Monsieur

Carnal Flower

Bigarade Concentree

Iris Poudre

Noir Epices



The only one I tried was Musc Ravaguer, so I'll briefly explain it.


3/5 Cloves, vanilla, light ambery woods, cinnamon.  Weak projection after first hour.  Excessively high longevity.  Masculine.  Decent but disappointing.