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Guys, I just purchased a bottle of Chanel Egoiste EDT three days ago. I've already used it for two days in a row. For me, I really love the scent and I personally think it suits my taste. It's definitely one of my favorites if not my favorite from the Chanel house. The problem is, on the average, I get a meager 4 hours longevity from it. Why is it so? By the way, I also own Allure Homme and Allure Homme Edition Blanche (Both Chanel fragrances) and I don't seem to be experiencing the same problems as with my new Egoiste. I get a good 6-8 hours from both the Allure Homme and the Allure EB.

Also, a few months before, I did a side by side comparison of Egoiste and Allure Homme Sport on paper. The Allure sport seemed to last until the following day, but as for the Egoiste, alas... It was gone too soon. sad.gif Any possible explanations? Thanks.