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During year 1987 the famous perfumer Edmond Rouditska, 87-years old, decided to retire after an entire life spent in perfumery. He wasn't active since 1976, when he created "Dior-Dior" for Christian Dior.

So, after 11 years, he prepared "Le Grande Eau de Hermes" (1987),  and then "called it a career".

"87-years-old" is enough, isn't it?


But someone didn't agree.

Mario Valentino (no relations with the famous stylist Valentino Garavani, aka "Valentino"), one of the most renowned leather craftsman and luxury goods in Italy (and maybe in the world, in the field of luxury shoes) asked him a last effort.  


So, in 1990, at 90-years-old , Roudnitska created his very last perfume.

For some strange reasons, it was launched with an ugly name :OCEAN RAIN,

almost no one knew it was Edmond Roudnitska's art.

And, buried in the mifddle of dozens of other perfumes, it never gained what it deserved. 


OCEAN RAIN: Nothing to do with aquatics, fresh perfumes of that era.

It's a whole different perfume.

Someone said it is a sort of "Diorella for Men" (Diorella was created by Roudnitska himself many years before).

Others said it's the precursor of Givenchy INSENSE' , due to its strong dry floral notes (and so, a bit related with the first "dry floral" perfume for men, i.e. "Nino Cerruti" pour Homme, year 1979)

Anyway, it's a good perfume. An almost feminine, gentle perfume, launched by a  relatively small factory during the "powerhouse wave":

How could it gain success?


Completely out of its time, completely inside another era.

Maybe too old, or (when Insensè will rule, some years later), it arrived too early.


Ocean Rain:  Edmund Roudnitska's Last Hurrah. 

A gem to discover.




the misleading box: nothing to do with sea and oceans.


the box with translucent "waterdrops"


the Mario Valentino logo




the strange, carved bottle