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New to posting but a long time lurker looking for help.  I tried my first venture into marine accords and it wasn't exactly what I expected.  Heeley Sel Marin felt like a day at the docks instead of a day at the beach (and I can understand that many appreciate this - not sure that I am one) and while I wasn't looking for a "day at the beach" I am trying to decide if a seaweed is a seaweed is a seaweed is a seaweed (isn't that how Stein put it?).  So my question is do I indulge by recent obsession with most things Profumum or is this just a "wasted" sample?  Is Acqua Di Sale going to be a briny experience similar to Sel Marin or is it not so "seaweedy"?  Not really looking for any other marines to try, just trying to determine how far to go with my Profumum obsession.  Thanks for any input you can offer.