Making Profile visible

    Making Profile visible

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    I wonder if there is a profile function that allows you to let other members see your wardrobe? Apparently mine is not visible....and I can't figure out how to fix it.undecided.gif


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    If you add stuff first, then try this by going to My Profile - then scrolling down to My Forum Signature, then Edit?

    If it doesn't work, please come back - good luck :)

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    Sorry I do not know the answer to your question, I think she wants to make her Lists (i.e. Wardrobe) visible to other BNers. I can't see her lists -- they go after Signature -- in her profile. Can you, llp? (I can see yours and everybody else's).

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    Sorry, Twolf & Redhorse - I was thinking it was because Redhorse is a new member & hadn't added anything yet?

    If not and Redhorse can see their own Collection, etc., I can't find the setting to make that public, but maybe someone else can help please?

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    That is exactly it, Ipp. I have three lists: Own, SOTD and Wish List. I can't find any buttons or settings to make them public (or private either). I can see everyone else's and my own, but nobody can see mine. Weird, huh?

    I wonder if my joining Basenotes before the changeover to the new format, but only posting after the change has something to do with it.

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    It's puzzling, Redhorse - hopefully someone can sort it out for you soon.

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    Is there somebody to ask about this profile issue?

    I guess I found a bug/glitch with the new software, who do you report these things to?

    I am guessing I am not the only order to know it's a problem another member has to tell I'd bet there are a bunch of us running around with invisi-profiles and not knowing it.

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    @ Redhorse - as I understand it, if we post problems here, Admin/Tech Support read the threads & put things on the 'fix' list.

    Quite a few problems posted here have been dealt with, others have been figured out by various members.

    Good luck!

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    I can't figure it out. I wonder if you delete these lists, log out and back in, then make them again it will fix it for you? You could try first with the shortest list.

    If that doesn't do it, or you don't want to try that, you can write to Judith at
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    OK, tried it. I deleted my wish list, and put it back up. It's very short, so not a big deal...the others I'd really prefer not to do that with. I also logged out and in. Did it work?

    Ooooh, just realized I <can> check myself. If I log out, then I can check my profile myself (slapping forehead with hand)

    And no, it did not work. My lists are still not visible, but it was an excellent idea I should have thought of myself.

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    Are you still in PM-jail?
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    I think I am probably still limited to two, and I sent one today to Cello. But I am not currently at my limit.

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    Maybe there's something preventing people's lists from being made public if they can't use PMs. Before The Huddling, we had the option to make our "lists" private or public. Even if waiting for PM privileges fixes it for you, it would be best to restore the option to everyone.

    Please contact Judith by email. She can make sure that it is included on the list of issues that need to be addressed between Huddler and Basenotes. Also, if you want, I'll contact huddlersteph by PM for you so you don't use up your PM allotment on this. It's possible there is a way already to make lists public or private but we haven't learned how yet. I think Steph would know if there was.
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    Thank you socalwoman! I love the term "the Huddling"

    I sent an e-mail to Judith as proposed. Could you please send a pm to Steph on this issue for me? Reasonably, they'd be far more likely to respond to you than to me.

    Having the option to make lists private or public is a great idea, especially if it's by list. I currently use my SOTD list as my scent diary, for example, and while I don't (currently) mind if people see it, I could see some preferring to keep that private. If someday I did change my mind, it would be far better to be able to mark it private than to have to delete it.

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    This was posted in another thread by Huddlersteph a while back in respect of various members' queries regarding the p.m. limit.

    It apparently didn't affect members with high post counts, but affected both old & new ones with low post counts at that time.

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    Hopefully, she will be just as helpful with the issue about wardrobes/lists being made visible.
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    As I understand it, Steph was tech support for a fortnight after we relaunched with Huddler only. Any technical issues need to be posted on here, or e-mailed to me or to Grant so we can pass them on. Also, some issues are being worked on by Huddler over time anyway.

    As far as I can see, Redhorse's profile and lists are now visible. I can't see the wish list, however.

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