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I'm pondering the leather category and have spent some time trying to identify the 'leather' note. I can only really identify the 'saddle' or car interior leathers. Especially when it's defined as 'suede' I have a hard time discerning it.  Is it supposed to smell like skin? 


Can someone point me towards the best leather perfumes for women? I have and enjoy the following:


Cuir de Russie--this one feels like a leather coat with a woman smoking in it (vintage)

Cuir Beluga--leathery then vanilla

Cuir Nacre-I have a hard time finding the leather in it, it seems like a very dense floral to me

Ambre Fetiche-lots of amber, finally can sense the leather, which also sometimes feels like a lime over vinyl

Bandit-smells like smooth powder to me

Jolie Madame--took me a while to realize that it's supposed to be violet and leather


I've tried Daim Blond (too fruity opening, then almost soapy, but I like the drydown), Knize 10 seems fun but masculine and I've only smelled on paper, the original Caleche seems like a rough leather but I only have vintage and it has a chemically feel to it (maybe from the musks).  Tried Cuir Velours on paper and liked it.


What are some other great leathers for women?


Thanks in advance for everyone taking the time to help with this.