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I was walking past Phyto Universe today in NYC across the street from Bloomingdales. As many of you know there is a Caron Boutique upstairs.

Since I had nothing on my arms I asked to be sprayed with Tabac Blond Parfum (2nd time trying it) and Poivre Parfum (first time trying it).

I loved both of them !

Poivre especially stood out to me since it is so unique compared to what else is available. To me Poivre smelled like a cross between Yatagan and Havanna.

The Tabac Blond is a soft boozy leather with florals. I own Knize 10 and

Dior Leather Oud but I can't help thinking that TB is in a totally different league and is also worth owning.

...all current parfum formulations.

The Caron Boutique sells these in little parfum dab on bottles starting at a little over $100 for the smallest size. I think this is extremely fair. They fill it up from a vat/glass bottle that is sent from France. I've never purchased a fragrance from a vat. I've read before that some think the juice is more potent coming from a vat than a bottle. What are your experiences and does access to air affect even a parfum ? The lady at the boutique said it did not. I find with my EDT's and the one parfum I owned from Chanel that it did.

The other question I have is about longevity and sillage. I am wearing both now on opposite arms and it seems like both are rather skin scents with TB being a little more noticeable ?

The true test though is to see how it reacts on my chest when I start sweating. I doubt I will be able to judge it just by an arm sample.

Anyways Piovre has me floored but TB is too sexy to ignore. Which one should I get ?