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Still fairly new to the fragrance game, I've been searching the threads to find some fragrances similar to Jazz (a newly acquired hero in my book).

Is there anything out there similar to Jazz? -- the opulent spiced-wood opening with deep wafts of sugared-sweet vanilla tied together by light leather serving as a strong-willed, masculine, sexual aura to your person?

I've tried Pasha, but to me it comes off as an "Antaeus-light" (side-by-side comparing their contemporary versions @ Nordstroms). It seems to me only reminiscent of Jazz's powdery-leather drydown & not it's deep, rich woody opening swept w/ light wafts of sweetened spice.

I have not been able to acquire a sample of Tsar and have been frankly scared off from attempting to try anything other than the original formulation (which seems only possible as a blind, "non-returnable" buy...which doesn't quite suit my current desires). & here I almost fear that it is more similar to the style of YSL Pour Homme (being dryer and more green, to my nose at least).

I am searching endlessly "woody-aromatics" & have only seemed to come across Ralph Lauren Safari; however, when I tested Safari a few nights ago I really only smelled dry, soapy leather - no character or depth at all w/ minimal projection and sillage. Maybe an old tester?

I appreciate any advice more seasoned connoisseurs can provide on this one. I just keep reading that the 90's were filled w/ this style of fragrance and that Jazz could almost fall into a "run-of-the-mill" scent --- where am I not looking??

Thank you in advanced and know that I sincerely appreciate any advice you may have to offer! Thanx!

BTW:(I already own Prestige & am damn proudcool.gif)